Sunday, September 13, 2015

Corn Thugs

Dork alert, dork alert: Brian and Oscar competed in a corn hole tournament. Robyn and I went to hang out and make fun of these goofballs, however, they actually did very well. Ha! They didn't win any money, but we made some great memories with many laughs. I even got a awesome sunburn as a keepsake. 

Hailey had her first game with her team, Neon Explosionz. She played defender and did an awesome job! 

Bathroom is done. I repeat.... HALL.BATHROOM. IS. DONE! It is beautiful and I am so happy with the work Brian did. I pinned an idea and he did it. Whoop! Unfortunately, I do not have any "before" pictures, just when it was gutted. But trust me, it was ugly!

Master bedroom is next and the window and carpet are history! Walls were textured, pocket door taken out (bring on the barn door), can lights installed, and light switches added on wither side of the bed. Flooring is next. We are currently sleeping in the living room. Super cool! Ha! To be continued.....

While the master bedroom is torn apart, our backyard is also receiving a makeover. We painted the fence...




We also cleared the "junk area" of the background this weekend and had decomposed granite delivered. Our plans are to do a stone fire pit with lounging area. 

Brian's family had their annual reunion. Hailey and her friend had a blast participating in the three-legged race! 

Brian's birthday was low-key. We went to a Lompoc High football game. We ended up leaving at half time, because the Braves were killing Nordhoff, and going to bed early. Yes, we are old. Ha!