Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Say What?!?

Brian and I hit 7 years! He took me to a nice Mexican food place in old town Orcutt called Pasion. It was delicious. I had way too much to eat. Yeh, I know, no self-control! #fatgirlprobs

It was also Nana's birthday. Hailey wanted to go to Applebees because she knew the waiters would come and sing the birthday song. 

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. We have been taking advantage and taking the kiddos on a bike ride.

Logan received a package from Grandma Mary. He was thrilled to see a zoo truck in the box. 

I had the pleasure to go see my "little" cousin Cailtlynn perform in Hello Dolly for the Central Coast Young Theater Group. She was one of the main characters and did an outstanding job. I was impressed! Way to go, Caitlynn. 

Hailey, Nana, and I took a mini vacation to Rancho Cucamonga to see Titi. Titi had to do a final fitting for her wedding dress and I had to go there to learn how to strap her into her gown for the big day. Yes I took pictures of the dress, but of course I cannot post quite yet. In fact, we sent out a little Instagram joke of which color dress did Titi pick. Ha!

The weather was hot! Triple digits and the humidity was awful. We lounged by the pool and attempted to stay as cool as much as possible. 

Check out the video below of Hailey tipping Nana off her raft in the pool. If you know Nana, she doesn't like getting her hair wet. Hailey thought Nana getting her hair wet was hilarious.

Bathroom selfies. Yea, I just did that.

While the girls are away, the boys will mow the lawn. Grandma Mary bought Logan a bubble lawn mower. He thinks the lower is just totally cool. 

Beach day....again! The Pipers are on their annual camping trip at Jalama and we tagged along for a day. Hailey and Madi had fun making shell jewelry. 

It's the time of year again. Summer is coming to an end. Today, Hails and I went to the classroom to set up. Sometimes Hailey creates more work for me then helping, but whatever, she loves being in the classroom with me. She made an adorable crown for her and her baby out of old bulletin board borders. Too cute!