Thursday, April 3, 2014


Tomorrow you turn 5.! They said it would go by quickly. They were right. Daddy and I sit here tonight looking at pictures over the past five years and reminiscence all the memories you have given us.  
My love for you grows stronger each and every day, each and every year. I am more proud than words can possibly express to call myself your mom. You are an amazing little girl, and I want to take this opportunity to tell you -- and the world -- why.
You are smart.
I don't just mean you know things. Although you do, many things. But you also exhibit a wisdom and wit far beyond your years.  I put you in time out for lying before and explain that Jesus doesn't like when you lie, and you immediately come back with, "Well, Jesus doesn't like when you put me in time out!" In addition, you teach me things and help others see the world from a much needed perspective. You understand that others are in need and you love to give a helping hand. One of your favorite activities is packing shoe boxes at Christmastime for Operation Christmas Child. 
You are inquisitive.
You have a strong desire to learn. The question "Why?" is not enough for you. You do not settle for simple answers, but you dig deeper and want to know more. You love to share your knowledge with others, especially your baby brother.
You are beautiful.
Some people don't believe in telling young girls they are pretty. I do. More importantly, you are also beautiful where it counts the most -- on the inside. Kind, thoughtful, and compassionate, just to name a few. 
You are loving.
You love to give hugs and make friends wherever you go. Furthermore, your compassion and empathy drive you to share love with those who need it most. Family, friends, and strangers benefit from your big heart. You show others you love them by making sure your friends are not left out. This past week in dance a little girl was needing help and you stopped what you were doing and showed her how to do the correct tap move. Although you had to show her several times, you were patient.
You are silly.
You love to tell jokes and make people laugh. You sing "Let It Go" in an opera voice at the top of your lungs. But, your laugh is the single greatest sound on this Earth. Daddy and I refer to it as your "belly laugh." We typically hear it when Daddy tickles you.  You also remind us of the importance of laughter and how being silly can make the difficult stuff easier. You have the ability to brighten my day, no matter how hard it was. 
You are passionate.
You have interests in tap and ballet. You love to sing and dance, and you do it wholeheartedly. You have strong emotions and an energetic personality. You are fiery and feisty. We don't call you bossy, but a "leader." 
All of these things are just a glimpse of you. I am blessed to be your Mama and I thank you for being you.......
Continue to be you, my sweet girl. Always. Just keep on being you.
I love you,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Disneyland Adventure

Hailey was invited to go to Disneyland with TiTi and Nana for her birthday. Hailey was absolutely stoked. TiTi documented Hailey's visit....enjoy!

Day 1: Sunday

-Dinner at Cheesecake Factory - she had pizza and got to pick out which cheesecake she wanted. She wanted to take a picture with it because it was as big as her head! (triple chocolate tower cheesecake) 
- bed early for our big day

Day 2: Monday

-Woke me up at 6:00 yelling GOOOOD MORNING!!! TIME FOR DISNEYLAND!!! breakfast consisted of chocolate and powdered donuts. She told me that my milk was nasty and that I need to be sure to get the right milk when she comes back (it was almond milk) LOLOLOL 
-Got to Disney and her first request was Goofy's Airplane ride. So we got Park hopper tickets and were on our way. She sat with me in the front with Nana in the back and she screamed the WHOLE time. 
- We made our way over to one of the shops and the lady gave her a birthday pin and sang her a little song
-Next we were off to Toy Story Midway Mania. She loved shooting at all the screens. We walked around and saw Pluto and Goofy. 
-We then went on the Monster's Inc. Ride, and while we were in line, we spotted Minnie Mouse through the bushes. 
-We ate some lunch (she had chicken nuggets, fries, and apples.)
-Then off to Disneyland. We had to walk through the castle and her first request was the Snow White ride, we also went on Mr. Toads Wild Ride.
- We then went to hunt down Elsa and Ana - but unfortunately it was a 4 hour wait to take a picture. So instead, we made our way to Splash Mountain. She remembered from the night before that Michael agreed to take her on the very front - so she still wanted to even though he couldn't come anymore. So, of course Titi can't say no to the birthday princess. We went after almost waiting for 2 hours. Hailey maned the very front seat. As we were going up to the first drop, Hailey yells "I don't think I can do this!!!!" hahahahahah she got over the first drop and we got pretty wet but she was loving being in the front to see everything first. She became adventurous and  held up her arms a couple times. We then made our way to the top of the notorious drop and she SCREAMMMMMMED!!!!! we were dripping with water and immediately said lets do it again. 
- We then made our way to find a spot for the parade. there hails took a little rest and were ready for the parade. She loved it all. Yelling all the character's names and waving. A chimney sweep man from the Mary Poppins float waved at her and yelled happy birthday Hailey! 
-From there she wanted to go back on the Goofy ride- so back to California Adventure we went. -front row again! 
-We then tried to get on the Cars ride, but they weren't accepting any new people in line because the line was currently at 180 minutes and couldn't get anyone else on by closing time. So we then went over to the Luigi tire ride and bumped into everyone. 
- We were then on a hunt for an Elsa dress but was finally told that Elsa dresses were sold out park wide. So we told her to pick out anything she wanted. She found an Aurora dress, gloves, and purse she was happy with. And the lady also gave her another birthday pin.
-We then ate dinner at House of Blues in downtown Disney where she could barely stay awake to order her mini cheeseburgers and fries. We colored to stay awake and was able to stay awake to eat. The waitress brought her a birthday ice cream sundae.
-We headed back home after that.

Day 3: Tuesday

-Another early wake up call, donuts for breakfast and a lot of playing in her aurora dress before going home

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Smile Now, Cry Later

The Central Coast has been beautiful. We had the opportunity to go visit Sunny Fields Park in Solvang, and of course, get some "real ice cream" after. Hailey liked the tire swing while Logan liked everything. 

After the park, we went to Arrin's birthday party at MiAmore. The only picture I got was of Logan in his mask. Hailey was never around long enough to capture her happiness of the arcade. She loves attempting to get as many arcade tickets as possible. 

No, no one has lost any teeth yet; however, I saw these cute little pillows on Etsy that I couldn't pass up. 

I had a bitter sweet moment this past week. We registered Hailey for Kinder at Clarence Ruth. Of course she did amazing. She knew all her capital and lower case letters, shapes, colors, numbers, 13 letter sounds, can count to 30, and read her 10-word list. I asked if there is anything we can work on with Hailey over the summer and her future teacher said, "self-help skills." I knew Hailey had the academic portion down to enter Kinder but we still need to work on wiping after pooping, zipping up a jacket, tying shoes, opening packages in her lunch, etc. We started working on wiping after a poop. Ughhhh, Hailey doesn't like to do it. She cannot fathom the thought of the possibility of poop getting on her hand. I explained that is why we always wash our hands after we use the restroom. She didn't buy it. Oh goodness, here we go.....

Hailey and Logan have the typical love/hate relationship. A couple of days ago they were playing nicely together at the park. When we got home they decided it would be a good idea to pick the neighbor's flowers after daddy told them not to. Therefore, they served time-out together. I guess we can say, "Smile now, cry later!"

 Parents-1, Kiddos- 0