Monday, June 27, 2016

He fell asleep at the wheel.....

This past week we camped at Lake Lopez with our annual camping crew. The weather was hot, but that didn't stop us from enjoying bike rides, water slides, camp-side pools, corn hole, ice cream runs, water gun fights, water balloon wars, and lots and lots of dirt! 

 It was Eli's first camping trip, Logan's first time falling asleep at the wheel of his gator and almost running over another camper with a baby, mine and Oscar's first time winning the corn hole tourney (yes, I carried him), and the first time Bella has ever made a doggy friend (Izzy).

It was a fun trip and we have already made reservations for next year. We even recruited more campers. I hope the Curtis family is ready for the chaos. 



After camping, the weather was beautiful in Lompoc so we set up the pool for the kiddos. They had fun jumping off an ice chest into the pool. Yea, not so safe, but Logan and Hailey had a blast. 

Miss Kim was brave enough to take all 4 kiddos to see Finding Dory. I already took Hailey and Logan, but they were stoked to see it a second time. As Logan keeps REPEATING, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"