Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer 2016

It's early morning, and my last Sunday before the 2016-2017 school year begins. It's quiet and still, no one is up...yet.  Yet... so I better make this quick! 

I felt a little guilty that my shoulder surgery took up most of our summer. As I laid in a recliner for a month, the kiddos had to go to daycare. What fun is that?! However, I started downloading pictures from my phone for the blog and realized we jammed a lot in the weeks before and after my surgery. We created many memories and had a wonderful summer!

My surgery was July 1st. My three-year journey of doctors visits concluded with a labral tear repair during summer. My surgeon at UCLA is fabulous. He originally thought I would only need 1-2 anchors, but after getting in there and seeing how much damage I had, he put in 5 anchors! Surgery lasted a couple hours and they sent me home the same day attached to a medicine block. I had to carry a purse with a ball filled with pain meds. It was kind of cool. The pain, on the other hand, not so cool. I can't believe I had originally asked my surgeon to perform the surgery on a Friday, so I could return to work on a Monday. Now I know why my doctor laughed at me. Day 2-4 was the most painful. I slept in the recliner in mine and Brian's room for a month. Showers were few, armpits were not shaved, my mom and Brian had to help me use the restroom/shower/dress, my grandparents had to drive me to physical therapy twice a week, many people delivered meals and watched my kiddos. This surgery was definitely a team effort, and I am very humbled and grateful for the help Brian and I received. 

My recent 6 week post-op checkup looks great. Dr. Aspy is pleased with my progress and range of motion. I will be in physical therapy, three times a week for another 6-9 months. I have good days, and I have bad. I am off of all my prescribed pain medication and only taking Aleve. It's a long road of recovery, but I refuse to give up.

Kiddos and their overnight at Titi's and Uncle Michael's house. 

Sometimes staying in the recliner required entertainment to come to me. Hailey decided to stuff her bra and show me. Oh, Lordy!

Vacation Bible School at Calvary Chapel Lompoc was incredible, not to mention the Star Wars themed was the best. Hails and Logan had a blast.

Usually our family is camping for 4th of July. However due to my surgery we obviously stayed home. Brian and friends took the kids to our local firework show were Uncle JT and his band performed. The kiddos still were able to enjoy the fireworks, and Brian was able to stay reasonably close to home just in case I needed anything. It was a win for everyone.

Because I could barely shower, there was no way I was going in public. Therefore, my friends came to me for game nights. We had a blast playing our usual Monopoly deal, Fibber, Slap-it, and eating delicious food. 

Brian and friends took the kiddos to the movies often, and since I couldn't be there I required pictures. I know, life of a blogging mama. 

Our cousin Caitlynn had a graduation party where Hailey and GG played a competitive game of ping-pong. I think both players were surprised at the ability of their opponent. Ping-pong is a loved game by our family, and it appears Hailey is continuing on the passion. Logan was also introduced to video games for the first time by cousin Christopher. He was hooked. Just fab! Why he is wearing a helmet? No clue! I know he just got done riding his bike, but he refused to remove his helmet. I guess those video games are extremely dangerous. Ha!

Brian and I bought a year-long pass to the beach this summer and it has paid off. It helps when friends love going to the beach just as much as we do. The Curtis family was camping at Refugio for a week so we stopped by for the day to hang out, play corn hole, BBQ, and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Yes, I even went in my big "Storm Trooper" sling, but my friends have been so great assisting me. One of Brian's favorite memories this summer is Hailey and Logan's love of the water and body boarding. Brian would take the kiddos in the water and stay pretty much all day to ride waves. 

We loved summer mornings where we could all go to Nana's house for breakfast while the daddy's went for a bike ride. We would eat pancakes, learned how to play Guess Who, and even measured how tall Eli was. 

Summertime is also where we catch up on our necessary appointments. Logan went to the dentist for the first time. He had no fear. He helped the dental assistant clean Hailey's teeth first, then sissy helped for Logan. No tears, thank goodness. They even received cool masks from the treasure box for their good behavior. Whoop!

We attended Logan's best friend's (Kaden) birthday party. It was a paint theme and the kiddos painted on canvas. This was right up Logan's alley. He loves to color, draw, and paint. Kaden and Logan also loved to catch lizards. Logan would put the lizards on his shirt and walk around with his "friend."

Mid State Fair had a Tim McGraw concert, one of my favorite country singers. We traveled to Paso where the weather was scorching, the food and drinks were on point, and the company was fun! 

This little guy turned 4 over the summer. I have no idea where time went. It was just yesterday when Brian and I were anticipating his (or her) arrival. From Facebook: 4 years ago Brian and I were blessed with a baby boy who has brought so much love and laughter into our lives. Little did we know how different he would be from his sister. Logan: 
catches lizards and bugs... and puts them in mama's face to scare her
can eat a peanut butter sandwich a day if his parents would let him
always wants to wrestle daddy, friend, pet, toy.... anything
enjoys bugging his sissy and her friends 
loves Darth Vader and hot wheel cars
will impromptu dance and sing.. in the car, living room, out in public... anywhere!
wants to be like Ryan from "Ryan's Toy Review" on YouTube
asks for "duck tape" daily to hang his art work on his bedroom walls
climbs into bed next to daddy every day to be his "cuddle buddy"
watches motocross (but not the Monster girls) with papa
sings (shouts) "God Bless America" or Michelle Pfeiffer's "Cool Rider" (song from Grease 2) daily
looks forward more to the snack bag after his Tball game than actually playing
rides his bike like a champ
calls his friends, and sometimes his dad, "bro" or "dude"
dare-devil soul that gives mama anxiety
has the biggest smile and heart that can make anyone putty in his hands
We love you Logan Brian Haggerty. Have an amazing day! Now, let's get out of the "terrorist three" stage. 

We had family over for cake and ice cream. We even re-enacted a newborn picture of Hailey holding Logan when he was born. Of course Logan wanted a Star Wars cake. His favorite is Darth Vader. 

Around this time I was able to get rid of that blasted, bulky brace. I was beyond excited. 

Nana had a birthday and Brian and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary (19 years together). We celebrated at AJ Spurs, a loud place where the kids could be themselves and the adults could have a drink. 

Brian was able to sneak me away for an anniversary dinner, just the two of us. He really knows my love language...guac, chips, and margarita. Thanks, love!

We took the kiddos to see an outdoor PCPA event, Shrek! The show was fantastic! It was long, but the kids were troopers and were extremely well behaved. The kiddos favorite part was when Shrek and Fiona had a farting contest. I have to say it was a highlight of my night also. Ha!

This year we didn't plan a party for Logan's 4th birthday because Brian and I didn't know how I was going to feel after my surgery. We thought a small celebration of cake and ice cream with family would be sufficient. However, I started feeling guilty, especially when Logan asked if his friends were going to come to the "family celebration." So in a couple of days, we whipped up a beach trip with a simple BBQ and Darth Vader cookies. The weather couldn't have been better. It was beautiful. Thank you to all who came out to support our little man. He was so excited to celebrate with everyone he loves.

PS That black icing was a mess! TeeHee!

Brian and I decided to go on a mini vacation to Catalina Island right before school started up again. It's been about 4 years since we have been to Catalina, and the last time was just a cruise ship stop for one day! Brian and I had an awesome time. We went on an off-road jeep excursion where we were taken to private beaches, bird observatories, the airport, and saw many bison. I even purchased Olive, my upcoming classroom pet. We also went on a speed boat excursion where we saw a beach FULL of sea lions and their babies. Wait, sea lions or was it seals? Ears or no ears? I can never remember! Hannahhhhhhhh! 

Everyone but me zip-lined. I couldn't for obvious reasons, but they told me it was exciting. Of course I was paparazzi before they departed. During the excursion I threatened them to take pics of Brian so I can document. Ha!

We also did an off-road night excursion. We saw a fox!....wait, no that was a cat. Ha! Just kidding, we ended up seeing ONE fox. I didn't enjoy this one as much as I was exhausted and freezing. That's what happens when we cram 4 excursions in one day. It's all about the deals you know. 

If you have ever been to Catalina, you know about the golf carts. They are everywhere and the primary transportation for locals...and tourists. We decided to rent one for three hours and explore the island. This was one of my favorite times. We saw the island's school, hospital, sports fields, golf course, unique homes, and even the Wrigley brother's mansion with the 120 steps. 

The hotels were interesting. Super old and bed and breakfast like. Unfortunately I am a hotel snob and was not impressed with the particular one we stayed in, but we were barely in the room and it didn't damper our trip! Brian might have caught something from the hotel mattress..or was it the club, Chi-Chi's, when he went barefoot. (Total inside joke.)

One night Brian and Oscar graced the karaoke stage and sang "You've got that Loving Feeling," a Top Gun classic. The whole bar loved when Brian got down on one knee and serenaded Oscar. Nope, I didn't claim him at all that night. Ha!

Another night we went to an arcade where they had mini lanes for bowling. bowled. The bowling balls were all the same size and mini. I even bowled with my left hand. It was a blast.

We also went on the casino tour.  It was a "private" tour. Not planned, but it's just how it worked out. There is so much interesting history with the building and the island. The architecture is beautiful and the ballroom is stunning.

It was a relaxing trip that I would recommend to anyone. I cannot wait to go back!

While mommy and daddy are away, the grandparents are watching the grand kids. Hailey and Logan love staying overnight with my parents. The day we came back from Catalina was also Logan's first day of pre-k. I cried. I was able to FaceTime with Logan before school and my mom took a million pictures for me. I cannot believe this is his last year with Lighthouse.

After Catalina, it was back to reality. I took Hails school-clothes shopping. I have already warned her teacher that she 100% picked out her outfits. With all jokes aside, I love Hail's passion for fashion. She is spunky and sassy and loves shoes.....something I am sure she gets from her father. *wink wink*

We celebrated Giovanni's birthday at Dodger stadium. We killed the Pirates and it was HOT! Giovanni got a game ball and Hailey had the jumbo tron all to herself for her whole dance. She was stoked. 

As you can see, our summer was filled with great memories. It went by way too quickly, but I am ready for routine and the school year.