Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

If you know my family, we love the Dodgers! I thought it would be a good idea to treat all the dads to a baseball game for Father's Day. They loved it. Hails was with Nana and Papa at Titi's house for a sleepover and met us at the ballpark. The rest of us made a pit-stop at the mall in Ventura for lunch, a train ride, and motorized stuffed animals. It was hilarious. The weather at the game was beautiful and Papa caught a ball from Andre Ethier (with his bare hand I might add). He gave it to Hails and she was ecstatic. Although we lost, we did see a back-to-back homer from the Dodgers! 

Sunday the kiddos and I took daddy to the beach to relax. We enjoyed a delicious Jalama burger and attempted to stay away from the wind. 

60 what?

Happy 60th Anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma! My grandparents are a great example of a God-centered marriage. They set an amazing example for many. Congratulations! 

Hailey wanted to cut her hair like her Titi's, short! So she did! She vut off 10 inches and donated it to an organization called, "Children with Hair Loss." It is kind of like Locks for Love but this organization doesn't charge for wigs. At first Hailey didn't want to donate her hair. She thought we had to shave her head to donate. However, I showed her a video of just cutting and then she was all for it. Hailey has a big heart and it didn't surprise me that she wanted to give her hair away. 

I love getting pictures from Logan's daycare. Logan riding with his girlfriend, JuJu!

Hailey participated in the Cabrillo Aquarium Camp this summer and she loved it. She learned about sea stars, whales, jelly fish, and her favorite part was "cleaning the fish homes." 

Sometimes I just want to post a sign that says, "She dresses herself!"

I am an auntie again! Toby James Wild was born and we are absolutely smitten.