Monday, April 21, 2014

Fabulous Spring Break

Spring Break was awesome. We had more swim play dates, wine tasting, gorgeous beach day, and a BBQ!

At first, Brian and I wanted to go camping over the Easter weekend so he took Friday off from work. However, we reconsidered and ended up going wine tasting with the Flores'. We went to Saarloos Winery which has Enjoy Cupcakes. The wine was splendid and the cupcakes were delicious. The owner of the winery was super cool and even signed my bottle of wine. Then. we headed back to Lompoc to the Whine Ghetto and went to Montemar. We were introduced to cornhole. It is an addicting game. So addicting that Oscar built his own (Ginger made the bean bags) and we took to the beach on Saturday. 

The beach was amazing. We couldn't have asked for better weather, no wind! The kids played all day. Logan had sand everywhere; in his eyes, nose, mouth. Hailey ventured out with Daddy on the body board. It was obvious that Daddy was in heaven. 

Easter was relaxing. We went to church, had breakfast with my parents, took a nap, and played at the park.