Thursday, April 21, 2016

A "Malificent" Day!

Hailey's birthday was "Maleficent!" She decided on having her party at Ah Sir Bounce-A-Lot in Orcutt. She had a great turn out of kiddos and they all had a blast. 

I was shocked when she asked for a Maleficent-theme party. Usually it is Frozen everything or girly-girly princess. However, her heart was set on this theme. See, she did this to me with Frozen a couple years prior. She wanted a Frozen-theme party and there was nothing in the party shops (it was too new). Therefore, I had to make everything. Thank you, Pinterest.  When she asked for this theme, I freaked. No one had Maleficent items (except for her adorable outfit I found on Etsy). But with the help of Pinterest, I pulled it off. The party actually turned out really cute and we received several compliments. Super!

Happy 7th birthday, Hails!