Monday, June 20, 2016

Lemonade only $1.00

I am loving the splash pass to the Aquatic Center. Haggerty kiddos invited Preslee and Cash along, and they really enjoyed the "big kid slides." Logan was content riding his-size slides by himself. 

When the BFF says she needs help painting signs for an upcoming wedding, you go! Why? When would you ever see cows and llamas mingling, or enjoy a gorgeous view with a delicious glass of crisp, white wine? Not pictured is the amazing meat and cheese platter that we devoured. Ha! For the record, I did help her paint....also not pictured. 

I am pretty nervous about my upcoming surgery. I am not sure if it is the things I am reading online, all the advice I am hearing from previous shoulder surgery patients, or just plain nerves. In any event, Hails and Loags know how to keep things light-spirited. Especially when playing with the "Storm Trooper" contraption. 

The nice thing about having a good friend as a fellow teacher, we can do many summer activities together. A bonus is our children get along well and so do Hannah and I! We took the kiddos to the Santa Barbara Zoo. We also became zoo members. It was the first time the Curtis girls experienced the adventurous "hill" using cardboard. After the zoo, we went to Santa Barbara Harbor for lunch at Endless Summer. I had the best chicken nachos ever! We also walked along the water break. The kiddos thought the waves splashing up over the walls was thrilling!

No naps and busy days mean grumpy boys in the mornings. Hailey has been participating in swim lessons (early) every morning. Logan is never pleased. 

We went to Gaviota and we couldn't have asked for better weather. There was no wind, no smoke (from the Sherpa fire), and the temperature was just right. Hailey and Logan played well together all day. 

Hailey has been dying to a have a lemonade stand. She made the lemonade, set up her table, and crafted a sign. I did some advertisement on social media, and bam, her customers began showing. She made $38.00, in which she will tell you is for an iPhone. Keep dreaming girl, you're only 7! Thank you to all who showed up and supported her, even the ones that gave up and beyond a dollar with no change requested. TeeHee!

Little Miss Charleigh turned 4! She had a "cowgirl party" at her grandma and grandpa's ranch. Hailey's outfit included jeans, boots, and a handkerchief. Logan opted for his typical shorts (I can never get this kid in pants). The guys played a competitive game of horseshoes, while I sipped wine (other girls had beer). The weather was amazing. 

Father's day was enjoyable. We attended church, had a BBQ at our house, played corn hole, daddy watched the NBA finals, went for a walk to see the sunset, played freeze tag at the park, colored in coloring books, drew on our helmets, and ended the night with a movie and popcorn. We appreciated all the fathers in our lives and hope they know how much they are loved. We are incredibly blessed, and I am thankful for each and every one of them.