Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm a Ninja Turtle

Just some expressions that sum up my first week of school. 

I'm exhausted! Who knew going from 5th grade to TK would be so tiring. Ha! I feel like a cat herder most of the time. My first day of TK at Buena Vista brought back memories of my first Kinder class 5 years ago. The last three years I have been dealing with pre-teen girls and boys, so this year has been an adjustment. I went from students writing essays to students who need help cutting. However, I do love opening my door every morning seeing those tiny, smiling faces eager to learn. I am having so much fun with my energetic 15 kiddos. Every day they make me laugh with the silly things they say!

"Call me Michelangelo because I am a Ninja Turtle!"

"I'm chasing the boys and they can wait until I get there!"

"Mrs. Haggerty, I touched that puddle. I don't know if it's pee or water."

I really need to start a book of everything I hear!

Along with a new school year, same health issues remain. My shoulder and back have taken me out of the gym. I have been trying acupuncture and it seems to be helping. It looks painful, but it actually feels good. Prayers please! 

It's football time!

It's football time! Gio's birthday party was a great way to begin the season! 

Farewells and New Beginnings

It's soccer season! Back to practices twice a week and games on Saturdays. This year Brian was asked (unexpectedly) to assistant coach Hailey's team. The head coach even provided a whistle. Ha!

It was a bittersweet day a couple of weeks ago. Logan had his last day at Linda's. She was like a second mama to Hailey and Logan. I dropped by baby boy off to her when he was only 6 weeks old. Linda even gave Logan the nickname "Loagie Bear." A name that Logan loves and Brian despises. Ha!  We are so appreciative for her and her team loving on our kiddos while Brian and I are away at work!

Logan got sock-em-boppers from TiTi and King Toto. Hmm, don't they know pay back is a BEEP!

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher since I was young. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Pauley, was an inspiration. She was kind, loving, soft spoken, and would even give me all her left over worksheets and extra books. I would take the extra supplies home and make my poor sister sit through my "school." I even assigned homework to Katie. Poor girl. Maybe that's why she hated school. Ha! 

Brian and I have been putting many hours into my class. Of course the kids were there too and I was able to capture this moment: Hailey playing school with Logan. It brought back sweet memories.

Logan's first day of preschool was emotional. I cried all the way from the Village into town. Logan loves his new preschool! Mrs. Becker always says how sweet, kind, and adorable Logan is. He must take after his mama. ;) Just kidding!

Many hours have been put into Room 4. My hubby is the best and has given our planters life again, modified dining tables to tables for centers, moved book cases, hung shelves, fixed furniture, and the list could go on. Thank you, Brian!

Hailey's first day of school was a success. She is in love with her teacher, Ms. Barthel. I am so glad to have her on the same campus as me. It's convenient and I love that she can pop her head in my class during the day to say hello. 

Our first week of school has made the Haggerty family exhausted. Here is to the rest of the year!

Just to name a few....

This Summer has been jammed packed and full of memories. Brian and I have really become close with a few that have provided many laughs. Just to name a few:
  • Fig Brew Company
  • Monopoly game nights: "This is like family game nights!"-Andrew; Brian becomes a sore loser
  • Pool parties
  • Camping: Robyn, get your own tent!
  • San Luis to watch Andrew: make sure you bring your cash
  • Birthday parties
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Taco Tuesdays- where the kids remember more so than the adults
  • School Shopping
  • Wine Tasting