Monday, November 17, 2014

3-Foot Masked Little Boy Is Mine

I am giving myself a round of applause for not waiting a month to publish a post. You're welcome! 

It is never a dull moment in the Haggerty House. Hailey, Logan, and Daddy went to the Lompoc football game last Friday. They bundled up and had a blast at the game. Liz and I had apps and wine at D'Vine. It was a delicious night. 

Logan is a whole other creature than Hailey. He keeps Brian and I on our toes and pulling out our hair. He is PURE BOY! He is a lot more energetic than Hailey was at the age of two, rambunctious, and wants to make Brian and I scream at times. He purposely spilled his milk and was playing in it. Meh, not too bad unless you have a glass tabletop to clean underneath which takes a process. Gah! 

This weekend Hails had her soccer team party. Coach Jason said Hailey was his "go-to player that made many goals." Jason was an awesome coach who had an ample amount of patience for these five-year-olds. Congrats Ice Queens on a great year!

My grandfather is celebrating his 80th birthday today! We celebrated with a BBQ at my parents house. Ale made a B36 airplane cake. Grandpa was stoked. 

Get your tissue! Hailey's first school pictures have arrived. She looks so grown up and this mama can barely handle it. Where did my baby go? Hails, your pictures look adorable. 

Tonight we had dinner with this Star Wars guy. I cannot even tell you what character this mask belongs to because I am not a fan of this Saga. Logan inherited this mask from his big cousin Christopher. He loves wearing it everywhere. So if you see this 3-foot masked human. Beware!

Sod! Sod! Sod! Backyard is coming together. Zander, Logan, and Hails love it also. They had so much fun playing in what was left of the big mound of top soil in the driveway. Plants, trees, and staining the fence is next. Whoop, whoop!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Awesome student and a flusher!

After Hailey switching schools, Brian and I were worried Hailey would have to play catch-up. However, we went to her parent-teacher conference and she is right on target socially and academically. We are so very proud of Hails and celebrated at a local ice cream shop.

I had an MRI on my neck and results showed nothing that they already knew. I have a fused vertebrate, but that is not causing my injury in my trap/ clavicle area. The doctor has ordered 5 more rounds of physical therapy. After therapy if there is no improvement, the doctor suggested monthly cortisone shots in my shoulder and neck area. I have been told I can swim and do moderate exercise. No weights for 6 months to a year. Wahh! To be continued...

Lompoc had their big football game against Cabrillo, our town rival. Brian and Hailey went to the game while Logan and I went to the grocery store and stayed inside in the warm house. I am so glad we did as Lompoc smashed Cabrillo 60-something to I dunno. It was a butt kicking. 

We have a master flusher! Logan has been obsessed with flushing the toilet. It's insane. We noticed the hall toilet was clogged, but with all the other projects going on the clogged toilet didn't take priority. Last Saturday Brian had time to "fish" around and see what was causing the "blockage." Our sweet little boy flushed his sister's toothbrush. When we asked Logan id he was the one that flushed the toothbrush he just gave a sweet smile and said, "Yehhhhh!" Now Brian and I have a feeling where Logan's missing toothbrush is at...deep in the pipes of Lompoc sewer as well! 

One of the many projects we have going on in the Haggerty house is backyard landscaping. Brian reworked the sprinklers, added a decomposed granite pathway for Hailey (her request so she can ride her bike), a couple of garden boxes, and sod. With the time change it's been difficult. Thankful for Oscar helping Brian out when he can. 

Projects are fun but it appears it is a snowball effect. We start one thing and it leads to another. Such is life. Ha! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Frozen Halloween

Brian is the best PTA husband ever! We had a Fall Carnival at my school and Brian was volun-told to make a maze. It was a hit! The kids loved it. 

Hailey, and every other girl in the United States, dressed up as Elsa. Logan was Olaf. Their costumes were loved by many. We had a BBQ at Uncle Oscar's house. We took the kiddos trick-or-treating early in the evening. I am so glad we did because it began to down pour. We haven't had rain all year and the night of Halloween it rained. We needed the rain, so no complaints here. 

Brian and I went on a double date. We had an awesome dinner at Sissy's, then dessert at D'Vine. Although I cannot taste a darn thing (thank you, cold) the company was fun. 

Oscar and Brian have been working on our landscaping in the backyard. I learned a little bit about sprinklers myself. Gotta love home improvements.