Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jammed Packed

Summer is in full swing and I cannot believe it is almost over. We have been super busy with swim lessons, beach trips, gymnastics, cooking classes, camping trips, birthday parties, doctor visits, home renovations, concerts, anniversaries, and the list could go on. 

Another impromptu camping trip in the books. Funny how the impromptu trips can be the most fun. Hailey took her friend Becca. We all had a blast.

It's a boy!!!!! Katie and Michael found out that Baby Lozano is a he and will be here at the beginning of January, Lord willing. I am super excited and have already begun planning the baby shower. Stay tuned.

I've spent many days in my new classroom this summer. Therefore, so have my kiddos and hubby. I am so grateful for the work Brian does in my class. I know he enjoys being a kinder hubby. Ha!

Uncle Oscar is quite the hit with our kiddos. He is the "fun" one. The kiddos love his motorcycle and always ask to sit on his bike. He allows, just as long as Logan keeps his toys out of the tail pipe. Ha!

We went to the Demolition Derby at the fair in Santa Maria. It was so much fun. Logan could not keep his eyes off the cars. It was my first time going to an event like this. Such a rush; however, I wish the cars could go faster and hit harder. TeeHee!

After the demolition derby, Uncle Oscar had the kids over for a sleep over. Kiddos were stoked...and so was Brian and I. Ha!

California is currently experiencing a drought and had a weird heat wave with extreme humidity. Okay, well, "extreme" for us Californians. Kiddos took advantage and lived in their swimsuits and played in the sprinklers. They also experienced thunderstorms the same evening and played in the rain. Georgia weather, welcome. Okay, now you can leave. Ha!

Still struggling with whatever injury I have. Shoulder, clavicle, ribs, one knows. I have begun receiving acupuncture treatments and I do not want to jinx myself but I have been feeling some relief. Although I do not know my injury, this allows me to cope with the pain.  

Kim, Oscar, Brian, the kiddos, my parents, and I went to a wine event with love music at Dierberg. We had a blast. Good wine, great food, interesting dancing, silly conversations, and beautiful weather made the day memorable. 

"It's a boy," was what we thought we heard on July 26th! We weren't sure. In fact, you're daddy asked Dr. Huss several times to confirm. It was true... boy! Daddy and I were ecstatic. We knew we loved your sister and weren't sure if it was possible to love another. You proved us wrong. We fell in love immediately.
Thank you for being you. My wild, sweet, loving, spider man lover, affectionate little boy who would eat a peanut butter sandwich every day if we allowed it. You have taught me so much these past three years. I've learned to stop and live in the moment more often because every day of you growing is bittersweet. I've learned that the special kisses to make everything feel better are not only for you, but for me as well. I've learned I need to be the best possible role model I can be as you are watching my every move. I've learned that you have me wrapped around your little finger especially when you say, "Sowwy (sorry), mama!" Your giggles, your cries, your hugs, and even your tantrums are cherished.

Sometimes all a girl needs is a pretty view, tasty wine (and cheese), and a good girl friend. Kim and I went to Melville and soaked up some sun. Yes, the joys of being a teacher and wedding coordinator. 

Yes, they're mine. 

July 28th is a special day. Not only is it my anniversary, but it's my Mama's birthday. I took my mom to scratch kitchen for lunch and we enjoyed every bite. Happy birthday, Mom!

Dear Brian,
19 years together, 8 married. Where has time gone? Our marriage isn't perfect, far from it. We fight, we argue, we laugh, we cry. You have not given up on me, on us. At my darkest, you picked me up and dusted me off. That's how much you love me. When I was at my worst, you saw me at my best. I am forever grateful for your love, encouragement, support, forgiveness, and loyalty.
I can't promise that it will be smooth sailing or tomorrow will be perfect. I can't even promise that our life will be easy. But I can promise that I will pray with you, dream with you, build with you, love our babies with you, encourage you, support you, cheer you on, and even trust all your you-tube renovations you are doing on our home. I love you, B. Happy anniversary! Here's to many more!

Brian took me to an Alan Jackson concert. We had a good time. Thank you, babe!

While mommy and daddy are out celebrating, kiddos are having a blast with Uncle Oscar. Bike park, rainbow noodles, and a sleep over was the agenda for Hails and Loags. 

After a night out at the concert, our morning was very entertaining.